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This site is one member's response to what she perceived as a need to use the web to empower the Association volunteers. It is meant as a support and extension of the Association's web site, not as a replacement or a criticism. It is not supported by any official body, but will help where it can for all efforts

to advance equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, and research.

The site does try to avoid the use of the Association's acronym and the full name of the Association so that it will not be found by search engines and other automated tools and so be confused with any official site.

Who is BBVX? is controlled by

Nancy Shoemaker
7009 Jeffrey Dr.
Raleigh, NC 27603

Nancy will be president-elect of AAUW NC for 2005-2006 and president 2006-2008. She served on the AAUW Program Development Committee 2001-2003, and is active on the Webmgrs e-mail list and on the discussion boards. She joined AAUW in 1994 and put up one of the first branch web sites in 1995. She was co-presenter at the 1999 AAUW convention of a workshop on "Going Online: Publishing on the World Wide Web." She ran the IT 2001 campaign at the Austin Convention. Her passion to use technology to help AAUW members advance the mission has led to the creation of this web site. bookmarks


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