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2005 Association Convention

What's happening at the Convention?

The biennial convention is a great time for members to contact each other and leverage volunteer efforts from other areas. Display your passion! Find others who share it at workshops and "hallway" conversations. Take advantage of the hallway track and make your voice heard to shape the future of the Association. Yes, it can be confusing at times -- but take advantage of the complexity and you'll find yourself getting more from your membership than you ever expected.

Here are some highlights.

Calling all bloggers

Okay, we're getting *close* now! If you're planning to blog the Convention, please drop me a line and/or go to and either register to contribute to the discussion there, or post a comment with the address of your blog! Let's see if we can spread the word to the folks back home!

Stickers on your badge

Look for a table where you'll be able to find stickers to indicate your interest in various subgroups within AAUW - programming, membership, visibility, etc.. Yes, it's all important, but as volunteers we may tend to concentrate on one area at a time.

Check out the stickers that the person sitting next to you is wearing and jump right to the important conversations. Use your time to make contacts from across the country! And if your interests are wide, you may want to bring a separate badge holder just for the stickers!

Oh, well. Ask me about that over a drink. There may be some "stickers" (e.g. Newsletter Editors, Younger Members) pinned to the message board, but any more general way to efficiently tell each other what our passions are will have to wait until 2007.

Special interest group meetings

See the full schedule of caucuses and special interest group meetings at

BBVX will be at the following:

  • Informal Baby Boomers gathering: Friday, June 24, 9 p.m., Marquee Bar
    While the boomers are well represented on the national level, how can we help each other to bring change to the branches?
  • SIG on statewide, public policy oriented coalitions of women's groups: Saturday, 5:30 - 6:30, Senate Room
    Statewide coalitions can expand our public policy efforts and give us visibility. How can we ensure their success so they remain a benefit for our members? [This was proposed as a workshop, but didn't make the cut. Members from FL, MO, NC, and MN were involved in the early planning here.]

We'd also like to highlight the following project sponsored by the Younger Members' Caucus:

  • Community service project: Saturday, June 25, 1:30–5 p.m., DC Central Kitchen, 425 2nd St. N.W., Washington, DC—All convention attendees are invited to participate in this community feeding project. Throughout the convention, the caucus will collect personal hygiene items, healthy snacks, blankets, and other useful items for the DC Central Kitchen’s outreach programs.

If you're new to AAUW conventions, beware that it'll be hard to attend everything! That's why the stickers are important - use them to find others with similar interests and then check back with them later to see what they got from the sessions you had to miss.

Business sessions

The votes at this Convention will affect the Association for years to come. If you are a delegate, be sure to take advantage of opportunities to learn about the candidates and the issues. After all, we KNOW how to do voter education. Don't skimp on your responsibilities as a voter in THESE elections!


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