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Why we still need help

The Convention made the change, but it will take awhile for the news to filter out to the branches and even longer for the full implications to be realized. Those who voted for change have imposed a burden on the Association staff to communicate what this all means, and the least we can do is find ways to help with that effort.

The first thing you can do, of course, is to recruit at least one member who was not eligible under the old rules - are there family members, women active in your other organizations, or those you admire for their successes even though they did not have the opportunity to complete a bachelor's degree? Consider giving them a membership to celebrate this historic event that will make us stronger for the 21st century.

Use the materials on this web site to help explain the change to your branch members and other friends. If you feel you can do more, please get connected to the informal network supporting the change.

Send an e-mail of support

If you have your own reasons for supporting a change to the degree requirement or just want to lend your name to this effort, please send an e-mail including

  • Your name, state and any title (e.g. current or past president) that would be helpful
  • Whether you've already recruited new members because of the change, or what the change means to you personally.
  • Whether we may use your name as a supporter in our materials
  • If you'd like to make a donation to help cover the costs, how much you can pledge.
  • If you weren't at Convention whether you'd like a button or flyer as thanks for your support.
  • Any comment you'd like to add to conversation.

Send the e-mail to

Send a check

If you want to help defray the expenses of the "campaign" in DC and the followon communications efforts, please send a contribution to

Marilyn Arp
PO Box 228
McCall, ID 83638

Please make the check payable to Marilyn and put "Open Up" or "Article IV Change" on the memo line.

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