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The brochure


More than 900 copies of a brochure were distributed to delegates to the Convention. While many came to convention prepared to vote for change, and some, of course, voted against the change, the brochure is credited with helping the undecided voters understand the issues and be able to support the amendment. You may find it helpful in explaining the reasons for the change to your branch and others who weren't able to be in DC. Please do print copies from these PDF files for all who are interested.

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  • Brochure - inside
  • Those are large PDF files. If you have trouble downloading or opening them, please use the content which you'll find on the rest of this page.

The best way to work for all is to include all

Why we should do this:

  • Opening membership to all who support AAUW’s mission reinvigorates our mission statement, diversity policy, and strategic plan.
  • Embracing every ally in our communities will strengthen AAUW at branch, state, and national levels.
  • Adding more voices advocating AAUW’s public policy increases our visibility and impact.
  • Increasing the diversity of members working on AAUW projects makes for better and more effective outreach.

Yes, but ...

What about AAUW membership as a reward/incentive for getting a degree?
If this was true, it’s not working. anymore. While for many current members, joining AAUW was a reward for completing their degrees, this incentive no longer seems to apply. In actuality, AAUW membership has been declining even though the number of degree holders has been increasing.
This will damage AAUW’s image.
In fact, our image may not be as positive as we like to think it is. Because many potential members in our communities view AAUW as elitist, they now go elsewhere. We want AAUW to become the organization that all local people who support our causes can join without being questioned or “certified.”
Won’t this send a message of devaluing education?
No. Rather, it recognizes that just as people value and support their local symphony without being composers or musicians, there are many who value education who don’t hold a four-year degree.
What will happen to our name?
Nothing has to happen, any more than it did when we amended the bylaws to open membership to men. If we later choose to make a change, that is an issue for another convention.


I believe that in 20 years the country will be lucky to have one progressive women’s organization left standing. I want that organization to be AAUW. But to make that happen, we are going to have to be cooperative rather than competitive, and we are going to have to eliminate barriers to whom we will let into our ‘tribe.’
-- Corky Bush, AAUW-Montana President

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