OPEN UP! AAUW for All Women ...

Supporters of a more open membership

As of June 19, 2005

Sandy Bernard, AAUW Past-President
Jackie DeFazio, AAUW Past-President
Sharon Schuster, AAUW Past-President
Dr. Bets Brown, EF Program VP
Beth Norris, SAR Past-Director, Past EF Secretary
Carol Buch, CT President
Marilyn Arp , ID Past-President
Dr. Sarah Jessup, Long Valley (ID) Branch President
Membership of AAUW-Maine
Lucinda J. Hebert, ME Past-President
Pat Rathbun, ME President
Mary Rack, Midland (MI) Branch
Pat Sween, MN President
Roger Sween, MN Administrative Assistant
Corky Bush , MT President
Carol Bamberry, NH Past-President
Susan Sontup Hearty, NYS LAF VP
Donna Seymour , St. Lawrence County (NYS) Branch
Karla Atkinson, Brevard (NC) Branch Past-President
Doris Bernlohr, Chapel Hill (NC) Branch Past-President
Dr. Gloria H. Blanton, NC Past-President
Bobbie Edmisten, Statesville Branch (NC)
Marty Folsom, NC Bulletin Editor
Mildred Hoffler-Foushee, Greensboro (NC) Branch Past-President
Ellen Morris, Winston-Salem (NC) Branch President
Virginia Owen, Statesville (NC) Branch
Mary Fran Schickedantz , NC Past-President
Nancy Shoemaker , NC President Elect
Lois Ward, Winston-Salem (NC) Branch Past-President
Janet Weber, Raleigh/Wake County Branch (NC)
Carolyn Hayek, WA President
Karen Coleman, WV President

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